Omnicover (Pty) Ltd has been in operation since December 2004.

We have been appointed and authorised to act on behalf of Oakhurst Insurance Company Limited as an Underwriting Manager with a dedicated binder function. The binder functions entrusted to Omnicover Pty Ltd are;

  • Entering into, varying and renewing policies;
  • Determining premiums under the policy;
  • Determining policy benefits;
  • Determining policy wordings;
  • Settling claims

We differentiate ourselves by our instant decision making ability, flexibility, focus and service levels. Our business is geared towards empowering the broker to increase their income streams by offering products that fill the unseen gap.

Omnicover is a dedicated UMA in respect of Commercial Motor Fleet, Commercial Motor VAPS, Commercial and Industrial Assets, specific but not limited to the Commercial Fleet programme, as well as the facilitator implementer of short term broker binder facilities in both the commercial and domestic segments of the market.